Disability Now - The Download
The Download: Chasing disabled customers and bad news from the workplace

 Presenter Paul Carter is joined by business coach Robin Hindle-Fisher and disability consultant Phil Friend. They discuss unexpected positive consequences from an examination of the extra costs disabled people face which was carried out by Scope, the charity which funds Disability Now. Also on the agenda some research from Nottingham University’s business school which suggests that people in the workplace are not necessarily thrilled at the prospect of having disabled people as colleagues.

Producer: Ian Macrae

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In the latest conversation in our Head-To-Head podcast series, Ian Macrae meets Baroness Campbell of Surbiton. She talks about her suburban childhood and poor early schooling, the death of her first husband and its impact on her disability politics, her hopes for Teresa May’s government and how members of the House of Lords react to her as a disabled person.

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The Download: Feminism, self-definition and life after the Paralympics

Lawyer Raquel Siganporia, disability consultant Maria Zedda and actor, writer and feminist Athena Stevens join Paul Carter. They discuss defining ourselves as disabled, life beyond the Paralympic circus and feminism and disabled women.

Producer Ian Macrae.

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Kicking off Disability Now’s Paralympic season is this interview with T42 sprinter Julie Rogers. At 17 she’s competing in the 100m in Rio but this is not her first Paralympic Games. In 2012 at the age of 13 she was a member of Britain’s seated volleyball team at the London games. She talks to Ian Macrae about her move to track and field, her desire to succeed in disability sport and her realistic hopes and expectations for Rio. 

Producer/Presenter IAN MACRAE

Technical support: RICHARD ARMSTRONG

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The Download: Air travel, employment and poetry

Ian Macrae sits in for regular host Paul Carter and is joined by guests Mik Scarlet, Jane Hatton and performance poet Callum Brazzo who presents one of his poems towards the end of the show. Also under discussion, the woes it disabled flyers and a company which aims to bring together disabled job seekers and the employers who need their skills.

Producer/Presenter Ian Macrae

Technical support Joe Galbraith

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The Download: PAs, inspiration and disability arts

Guests Lisa Egan, David Hevey and Michael McGrath join presenter Paul Carter to discuss problems with paying PAs redundancy, the recently launched National Disability Arts Collection and Archive celebrating the battle for disability rights and why some people positively want to inspire others. 

Producer Ian Macrae

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The Download: Head to Head - Frank Gardner

The guest on this epsiode of The Download: Head to Head, the extended interview sereis from Disability Now, is Frank Gardner, Security Correspondent at the BBC.

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The Download: NLW, secret shopping, Me Before You

In this episode of The Download from Disability Now Paul Carter talks to entrepreneur and consultant Geoff Adams-Spink and writer and activist Penny Pepper. They discuss the impact of the National Living Wage on the cost of care, how to become a disabled secret shopper and the film Me Before You which has seen disabled people protesting on the red carpet. 

For information about RICA visit http://www.rica.org.uk

Presenter:  Paul carter
Producer: Ian Macrae

Note: this episode was recorded before the EU Referendum had taken place. 
A transcript of this show will be available shortly.

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In this edition of Disability Now’s discussion show The Download, we find out what the current hot storyline in Radio 4’s The Archers has to do with disabled people. Does being disabled and LGBT mean you fight a battle on two fronts?  And what benefits can be derived from de-cluttering your life? Presenter Paul Carter is joined by Dr Katherine Runswick-Cole from Manchester Metropolitan University, Dr Ju Gosling, Chair of Regard the LGBT organisation for disabled people and Sue Kent who recently undertook a big clear out.

Producer: Ian Macrae.

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The Download Head to Head: Evelyn Glennie

At the age of 6 Evelyn Glennie contracted mumps which affected her hearing. From then on she gradually became increasingly deaf. But by the time she was twelve she had already decided on a career as a musician.

But the path she chose to take was her own as she found herself drawn to the huge family of percussion instruments and the varied techniques needed for playing them. She was not interested, however, in the brief chances to shine available to a jobbing orchestral percussionist. From the start, and against most advice she was determined to build an international reputation as a solo percussionist.

In this episode of our one-to-one interview podcast, Dame Evelyn talks to Ian Macrae about her enthusiasm for the instruments she has chosen to make her own, the choices she made and battles she faced in making them and how she set about building a repertoire more or less from scratch. She also reveals which of all the instruments she plays is her favourite and explains why the acoustic garden she’s been involved in designing for the 2016 Chelsea Flower Show isn’t made up of bamboo poles and wind chimes.

Presenter and Producer:  Ian Macrae

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Ahead of the publication of his new book, All Our Welfare Professor Peter Beresford talks to Ian Macrae about his childhood, racial identity, mental health, an academic career spanning more than 25 years, what welfare should mean today and boxing.

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For this edition of The Download, Disability Now’s topical and lively discussion show, presenter Paul Carter is joined by Roger Lewis of Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC), James Price, MD of lobby group on hotel accessibility Access All rooms and also by access consultant Tracey Proudlock. On the agenda, the Cameron government’s benefits cuts debacle,  setting standards on hotel accessibility and the impact on disabled people of the government’s initiative to sell off yet more social housing.

Producer:  Ian Macrae

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The Download: Head to head - Genevieve Barr

Deaf actor Genevieve Barr was catapulted into public notice in 2011 when she landed a major role in BBC1 prime time drama series The Silence. Now she tells Ian Macrae that she’s proud to call her co-stars in that show friends. But the big break did not guarantee further success or even work. But she’s now winning critical and public approval for her performance in Jack Thorne’s play The Solid Life Of Sugar Water currently playing at The National Theatre in London. She talks about the play and her role, reflects on her Yorkshire roots and remembers two careers as an international sportswoman representing two countries in two different sports.

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We talk bionics in this special of The Download: can they change the lives of disabled people? Are they a threat to our disability identity? Or the answer to all our prayers? Host Paul Carter is joined by Mik Scarlet, Sophie Partridge and bionics user Nicky Ashwell. 

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Comedian Laurence Clark talks to Ian Macrae in Disability Now’s interview show.  He discusses school days, comedy influences, an encounter with Jimmy Savile and also tells his least favourite disability related joke.

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The Download - PIPs, Fuel Poverty and Power Lists


Paul Carter is joined by Guests Sue Bott of Disability Rights UK, Editor of Disability Now Ian Macrae and writer, critic and activist Mike Shamash who kick off the new year talking about hopes and fears for 201g

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Paul Carter chats with multiple Paralympic, World and European gold medallist about her journey from frustrated teenager to international star.

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The Download: Academia, activism and social media

Paul Carter is joined by guests Professor Peter Beresford, Kyle Jordan and Grace Wong as for fun and engaging discussion of the latest disability issues.

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The Download: Disability identity, TV seasons and questions, questions...

Paul Carter is joined by Fran Macilvey, Richard Butchins and Zara Todd for more insightful and intelligent disability discourse.

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The Download: Assisted suicide (reprise), disabled dolls and looking ahead

Paul Carter and Ian Macrae are joined by Mike Smith, chief executive of Real, Sarah Ismail of blog Same Difference, and accessible kitchen designer Adam Thomas to discuss the month's pressing disability matters.

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The Download: Head to Head - Kim Tserkezie

Actor, writer, presenter and now aspiring TV producer Kim Tserkezie talks to Ian Macrae about being a Geordie disabled woman of Greek heritage, feeling queasy about Robson Green and being Penny Pocket in children’s TV show Balamory. 

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The Download: Elections, Housing and Game of Thrones

Episode 28: Paul Carter and Victoria Wright are joined in the studio by guests Phil Friend, Phillipa Willets and Tracey Proudlock to discuss how the parties' manifestos bode for disabled people. Also on the agenda are social housing and the portrayal of disabled characters in shows such as Game of Thrones.

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The Download: Head to Head - Robin Millar

He produced one of the albums of the 1980s, Sade's Diamond Life and has worked with the cream of the rock crop. In conversation with Paul Carter, Robin Millar discusses the importance of role models, his career in music production, his sense of pride as an independent blind man and meeting David Bowie for the first time.

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The Download: Episode 27

Young people, mental health and work: Paul Carter and Victoria Wright are joined by graduate Megan Field who is currently job hunting and deciding whether or not to declare that she is disabled. They're also joined by Nikki Mattocks, a 17 year old mental health service user with a story to tell. And Tim Gebbels is an actor who is worrying about the transition to Personal Independence Payments. 

PRODUCER: Ian Macrae

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The Download: Head to Head - David Blunkett

He's Britain's most successful disabled politician with forty-five years in local and national government. He's held some of the highest offices in the land and weathered two major personal and political crises, both of which cost him his job. And he's about to stand down as an MP. 


David Blunkett talks to Paul Carter about success, failure and survival in politics.

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Presenters Paul Carter and Helen Dolphin are joined by Dr Tom Shakespeare, Zara Todd and Mik Scarlet. On the agenda, non-disabled actors 'cripping up', disabled people employing PAs and passenger assistance when travelling by rail.

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The Download: Head to Head
Baroness (Tanni) Grey Thompson in conversation with Paul Carter talks about life after sporting fame, life in the chamber of the House of Lords and why she feels how she does about assisted dying. Also, stand by for your chance to win in a Paralympic related competition coming soon.
Producer - Ian Macrae
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Presenter Paul Carter is joined by guests Agnes Fletcher and Mike Shamash who discuss Sue Marsh's reasons for joining the system she's campaigned against. They also look back over twenty years of anti-discrimination legislation and marvel at the things some people feel they have the right to say to disabled people in the street.
Producer: Ian Macrae
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The first in a brand new series of podcasts where we interview famous, notable, newsworthy or just plain interesting disabled people. This time Paul Carter talks to the literary figure, former criminal and prisoner Benjamin Zephaniah. He remains a rebel and anti-establishment figure despite being one of Britain's best-loved and well-respected poets. He is also Professor of Creative Writing at Brunel University. 
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Paul Carter is joined by Disability Now Editor Ian Macrae and guests. Photographer Giles Duley talks about his experience following serious traumatic injury in Afghanistan and resuming his work documenting the impact of conflict and disaster around the world.  And would-be performer Ellie Mason says there should be more people like her on the big and small screen.  Paul, Ian and guests then look back on 2014 from the disabled perspective.  

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The Download: Serial killer...bus wars...charity

Paul Carter and Victoria Wright meet disabled author Richard Butchins who discusses his chilling book Pavment: Alan Bensen is on board to talk access to public transport and Sophie Partridge ponders the relationship between disabled people and charity.

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Party conferences, independent living, and the First World War

Paul Carter and Helen Dolphin discuss the party conferences, the future of the Independent Living Fund, and Disability and the First World war.

They are joined by Ellen Clifford from Disabled People Against Cuts, Gary Bourlet from People First England, Richard Rieser from UK Disability History Month and Mary Laver who is an ILF user.

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Inclusive education, Access to Work, Paralympians

Paul Carter and Annie Makoff discuss whether changes to the special educational needs system will promote inclusion for disabled learners and they discuss disabled people's frustrations with the Access to Work scheme.



They are joined by the Alliance for Inclusive Education's director Tara Flood, the deaf campaigner from Stop Changes to Access to Work Penny Beschizza, and a Paralympic swimmer Elizabeth Wright whose autobiography Ditch the Arm, Keep the Leg has been published.

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New minister, extra costs, and blind cricket

Victoria Wright and Ian Macrae hear from the new disability minister Mark Harper. They also discuss the extra costs of disability and Scope's Extra Costs Commission, plans to increase the number of disabled people on and off screen at the BBC, and international blind cricket.

They are joined by Scope's community campaigns manager Rosemary Fraser, Tanya Motie, who is a former BBC executive and member of the corporation's diversity advisory group, and Matt Dean who plays for England's blind cricket team.

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Disability and human rights

Helen Dolphin and Ian Macrae Discuss disability and human rights.

They are joined by Lara Masters, a writer who's currently trying to build a home which meets her access needs, the disabled human rights lawyer John Horan, and Laurence Clark, one of our best disabled comics who will be performing his new show Moments of Instant Regret at the Edinburgh Fringe in August.

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Jessica Tom talks about life with Tourettes and her new show Back Stage in Biscuit Land for the Edinburgh Fringe.

Disability Officer Hannah Paterson from the National Union of Students raises students' concerns on changes to funding for disabled students and social researcher Graham Kelly looks at British values and mainstream politics.  

Health warning

This episode contains occasional use of language which some people may find offensive.


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Labour's vision and Scope's End The Awkward campaign

With the general election around 12 months away, Paul Carter and Helen Dolphin hear from the shadow disability minister Kate Green and discuss what Labour's policies would mean for disabled voters.

They also ask if Scope's End The Awkward campaign will encourage non-disabled people to feel more comfortable around disabled people.

Joining them are Agnes Fletcher, who is a member of Scope's board of trustees and who was a member of a taskforce commissioned by Labour to investigate breaking the link between disability and poverty, the activist and access consultant Tracey Proudlock and John Kelly, who has been touring with Graeae's production of The Threepenny Opera and who is the artistic director of the arts festival DAiSY Fest.

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Independent living and assisted dying

With the government announcing that the Independent Living Fund (ILF) will close in June 2015, Paul Carter and Ian Macrae ask if 20 thousand ILF users will be forced into institutions.

They ask if a parliamentary vote on the right to die could be the start of a slippery slope for disabled people and discuss football from a disabled fan's perspective.

Paul and Ian are joined by Level Playing Field's chair Joyce Cook, actor and Ipswich Town fan Jamie Beddard, the artist and ILF user Katherine Araniello and the performer Sophie Partridge who also uses the ILF.

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Disabled heroes and public transport accessibility

Following an opinion poll of heroes which was topped by three disabled people, Paul Carter and Victoria Wright discuss what lies behind the concept of heroic disabled people.

They also discuss the accessibility of public transport and the collective consciousness of disabled people.

Paul and Victoria are joined by the activist Zara Todd, who has a keen interest in transport issues, Actor, presenter and composer of The Download's theme music Mik Scarlet, and Julie Howell, who has campaigned for better access to technology and who is now a public speaking trainer.

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Prison abroad and politics at home

Paul Carter and Kiruna Stamell are joined by Billy Burton, the disabled man sentenced to life in the Philippines in 1992 for drug trafficking, Rick Burgess, one of the activists behind the War On Welfare petition which could trigger a parliamentary debate about the impact of social security changes on disabled people after gaining more than 100 thousand signatures, and Emily Brothers who is visually impaired and who has been selected as Labour's candidate in the constituency of Sutton and Cheam at the next election.

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The great escape and the old school

Paul Carter and Victoria Wright discuss the independent living movement and disabled people's experiences of school. They also hear from the activist Kaliya Franklin who has published a report suggesting that the government has imposed targets for the number of people found fit for work under the work capability assessment.

They are joined by John Evans, who pioneered independent living in the UK, Chris O'Mahony from the Alliance for Inclusive Education's How Was School project and Sue Elsegood from Greenwich Association of Disabled People.

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Disability arts then and now, and the new Minister for Disabled People

Paul Carter and Kiruna Stamell discuss disability arts and they hear from the new disability minister Mike Penning.

They are joined by Tony Heaton, chief executive of the disability arts organisation Shape, and Penny Pepper.

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Food politics and standing up against the cuts

Francesca Martinez joins Paul Carter and Victoria Wright to talk about War On Welfare, the campaign she's leading to put pressure on the government to debate its programme of cuts in the Commons and scrap the fitness for work test.

They also talk food politics with Beth Gregson, author of the Thrifty Cook blog, and the disabled chef Michael Caines.

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Debt, human rights, and Jim Davidson

Paul Carter and Kiruna Stamell talk disabled people and debt, and they discuss why the Equality and Human Rights Commission's plan to abolish its Disability Committee could be a setback for disability equality. They also discuss Jim Davidson's outburst against disabled people and why it matters.

Campaigners Zara Todd and Mike Shamash join them in the studio, along with Susan Donnelly.

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The Liverpool Care Pathway, The Undateables and Malcolm Brabant

Paul Carter and Sophie Partridge discuss the Liverpool Care Pathway, the end-of-life treatment which led to people being drugged and deprived of fluids and the Channel 4 series The Undateables which follows disabled people in their quest for a date. Paul also talks to Malcolm Brabant who experienced psychosis after receiving an inoculation against yellow fever when he was the BBC's correspondent in Athens.

They are joined in the studio by the anti-euthanasia campaigner Nikki Kenward, and the actor and performer Kiruna Stamell.

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Employment and Hannah Cockroft

Dame Anne Begg, the Labour MP who chairs the committee of MPs which scrutinises the government's welfare reform policies, talks about her concerns relating to PIP assessments and Work Capability Assessments.

Paul Carter and Penny Pepper discuss disability and employment and they hear from one of the stars of the Paralympics, Hannah Cockroft.

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Air travel and the social model of disability

Paul Carter and Victoria Wright discuss air travel and the social model of disability, the ideology which has been the guiding light of disability activism since the 1980s. And Mat Gilbert, who plays for Bath, talks to Paul about being a deaf rugby player.

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Margaret Thatcher's legacy and disabled people's organisations

Paul Carter and Penny Pepper discuss Margaret Thatcher's legacy for disabled people and disabled people's organisations.

They are joined by Julie Newman, acting chair of the UK Disabled People's Council, Tracey Lazard, chief executive of Inclusion London and Mandy Hudson who is the co-chair of the TUC disabled workers committee.

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Protesting and personal independence payments

Paul Carter and Sophie Partridge are joined by Rob Murthwaite from Disabled People Against Cuts to discuss what makes an effective protest. Paul talks to Dr Stephen Duckworth, the disabled person who leads a team working for a company carrying out assessments for personal independence payments.

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Welfare reform and access to bars and clubs

The minister for disabled people Esther McVey and Labour's Liam Byrne talk welfare reform, and Paul Carter and Victoria Wright talk Clubbing. They are joined by the documentary maker Nikki Fox, Attitude is Everything's Suzanne Bull, and Mark Daniels, who received compensation after being discriminated against by nightclub staff.

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The Download: DLA sport and the Independent Living Fund

Paul Carter and Sophie Partridge talk about the end of DLA and the migration to personal independence payments, sport and the Independent Living Fund with Neil Coyle from Disability Rights UK, Ellen Clifford from Disabled People Against Cuts and Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson.

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The Launch Episode

In the first episode of the Download from Disability Now, Paul Carter and Penny Pepper celebrate UK Disability History Month by looking at the significant roles disabled people have played throughout history. They are joined by Richard Rieser, UKDHM's coordinator and Emma Thatcher from Cooltan Arts, a charity run by and for people with mental health issues which organises heritage walks. Tara Flood talks about a project run by the Alliance for Inclusive Education and the British Library to record the experiences of disabled people in education. Finally, Mik Scarlet tells us the story behind the Download's theme music.

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